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Dictionary of English Grammar   R. L. Trask

Dictionary of English Grammar

125x200 154 страниц. 2000 год.
Penguin Books Ltd.
An understanding of grammar enables us to see how language works and how to use it in the right ways. This clear, succinct and up-to-date dictionary, which covers virtually every significant grammatical term, is ideal for teachers, students and anyone who wants to write correctly (without sounding old-fashioned or fussily pedantic). - Gives crisp, practical definitions of all the central concepts and their application: from abstract noun and adverb to word order and yes-no question - Offers authoritative guidance through the minefield of more technical terms (and those mainly applicable to other languages): accusative, attraction, backshift, common gender, dummy - Provides extensive coverage of recent innovations and the ideas introduced by leading scholars such as Noam Chomsky and Randolph Quirk: complement clause, noun phrase, subject raising - Includes lively examples of current usage
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