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Olives, Lemons and Grapes   Yusuf (Joe) Yusuf and Diane Yusuf

Olives, Lemons and Grapes

236 страниц. 2013 год.
Do the endless stream of food scares and scandals worry you? Do the chemicals used to grow our food concern you? Do you feel uneasy about how our food is processed and the impact on our health? These same issues motivated Diane and Yusuf (Joe) Yusuf to start growing organic food many years ago. Taking back control of our food, to whatever degree we can, is important for environmental, sustainability and health reasons. Moving from the UK to Cyprus in 2009, provided the authors with new gardening challenges. They had to adapt their growing methods to a subtropical climate whilst aiming to grow more of their own food and meet the demands of cultivating unfamiliar crops. The book shares their research and experiences and will provide guidance and advice to new or seasoned gardeners who choose, for whatever reason, to take back as much control of their food as time allows. This book is for you if you want to: Learn how and why to grow organically for safer, tastier and more nutritious...
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