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First Certificate PassKey: Grammar Practice   David McKeegan

First Certificate PassKey: Grammar Practice

220x275 96 страниц. 1998 год.
Macmillian Heinemann English Language Teaching
"First Certificate PassKey: Grammar Practice" is designed to give students extra practice of the grammar points covered in PassKey, and to provide further examples of the type of tasks which appear in the Revised FCE Paper 3. Although the Passkey syllabus is followed quite closely, this workbook can be used to accompany any other coursebook at this level. The new Paper 3 differs quite radically from the old one, so it is important that students are given the opportunity to become familiar with the format. For this reason most of the exercises in this book are based on Paper 3-type tasks. Active control of grammar and vocabulary is what is tested in Paper 3, and each of the five task types focuses on these two areas with varying emphasis. Part 1. Multiple-choice cloze. A cloze text with 15 gaps and 15 four-option multiple-choice questions. The emphasis is on vocabulary. Part 2. Open cloze. A text with 15 gaps. The emphasis is on grammar. ...
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