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Grammar Booster 2: Teacher's Book (+ CD-ROM)   Rachel Finnie

Grammar Booster 2: Teacher's Book (+ CD-ROM)

210x290 144 страниц. 2002 год.
New Editions
Grammar Booster is a four-level, full-colour series of grammar reference and practice books. Grammar Booster 2 is suitable for use on its own or alongside any elementary course. Grammar topics are clearly presented through a fun cartoon strip featuring the antics of Jim and Tonic, two endearing cartoon characters, who not only appeal to students' imagination, but also help them to understand and practise the grammar points in question. Grammar points are taught in short, easy stages which students can easily cope with. A wealth of exercises after the presentation of each grammar point gives plenty of practice of what has been taught. Clear and simple explanations of all the grammar points covered encourage students to study alone and gain a better understanding of the material. A communication activity and a writing task at the end of every unit consolidate the grammar points covered in each unit in a fun and effective way. Five...
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