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First Hundred Words in Italian   Heather Amery

First Hundred Words in Italian

Usborne First Hundred Words
230x305 34 страниц. 2008 год.
Usborne Publishing Ltd.
This book is for everyone who is learning their first words in Italian. By looking at the little pictures, it will be easy to read and remember the Italian words underneath. Looking at Italian words When you look at the Italian words, you will see that most of them have il, lo, la or Г in front of them. These little words mean "the". When you are learning Italian it is a good idea to learn the il, lo, la or Г that goes with each word. This is because all words, like book and table, as well as boy and girl, are masculine or feminine. II or lo means that it is a masculine word and la means the word is feminine. You use V in front of words that begin with "a", "e", "i", "o" or "u". If the word is plural, that is, there is more than one, such as tables or books, then it has i, gli or le in front of it. I or gli are for masculine words, and le is for feminine ones. A few Italian words have an accent on the last letter. This is a sign written over the letter (for example ё...
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