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Reading Newspapers: Learning from Structure, Characteristics and Fields   Uchida Aiko, Uchida Noriko

Reading Newspapers: Learning from Structure, Characteristics and Fields

185x260 146 страниц. 2008 год.
3A Corporation
Reading newspapers is one of the aims of advanced learners of Japanese. However, in reality, reading newspapers is not so easy, as it requires background information and knowledge of layout and expressions unique to newspapers. Consequently, in the first part of this book the learner studies the unique structure of newspapers, how headlines and leads work, and the connection with space; in the second part, the learner studies the distinctive characteristics of articles in specific fields, such as economics, politics, society, etc. Towards the back of the book there is an organizational chart showing the Japanese political system, a flow chart of the judicial system, and various other types of reference materials to make reading newspaper articles easier. A separate answer book for exercises in the main text is included for assisting with comprehension of the actual news articles presented in the book.
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