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Японский для работы. Переписка по электронной почте  

Японский для работы. Переписка по электронной почте

180x255 140 страниц. 2008 год.
ALC Press Inc.
If you work at a company, chances are that you spend a lot of your time exchanging e-mail w coworkers and business contacts. Written communication in the Japanese business world used to be done solely through letters and other paper documents, but in recent years it has beat increasingly handled through e-mail. Since e-mail is a relatively new tool for business communication, the rules for its format and etiquette have not yet been firmly established like the customs for paper documents. Consequently, e-mail is employed somewhat haphazardly, as can be seen in how some people use it in situations where it would be more appropriate to communicate in person, through a letter, or by phone. Moreover, some people compose business e-mail using language that might be fine for corresponding with a friend, but is rude in a business context. Such poor writing habits can sometimes produce an e-mail that is nearly indecipherable to the recipient. In order to be able to put e-mail to good...
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