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Berlitz Kids: Italian Picture Dictionary  

Berlitz Kids: Italian Picture Dictionary

Berlitz Kids
215x250 128 страниц. 2007 год.
Berlitz Publishing Company, Inc.
The Berlitz Kids Italian Picture Dictionary makes foreign language learning lively and fun for children up to age nine. In this book, you and your child will find wonderful characters in hilarious situations that make it easy to learn valuable words and phrases in Italian. With over 1.000 alphabetized words, the Berlitz Kids Italian Picture Dictionary is a wonderful source for learning basic foreign words, such as colors, shapes, numbers, foods, animals, and much more! Each target word in the picture dictionary has a translation, a simple sentence, and an illustration, created to enhance meaning. In addition, the special sections on topics such as animals and clothing teach children the precise names for words that are important to their lives. Children will also enjoy the conversation section that lists important phrases beginners will need to converse. Use the Berlitz Kids Italian Picture Dictionary, and see how much fun it can be to learn a new language! Look for these...
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