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Short Row Knits   FELLER, CAROL

Short Row Knits

215x255 160 страниц. 2015 год.
Potter Craft
Modern designers are falling in love with short rows, which result in beautiful curves and three-dimensional shaping to solve a variety of problems. Want to make your garment look more professionally finished? Need to alter a sweater with bust darts? Short rows to the rescue! A short row results from knitting partially across the needles, stopping short of the row's end, then turning the work to the other side. Although short rows are easy to create, many knitters don't realize how simple yet revolutionary they really are. Carol Feller is a world-renowned teacher with a reputation for leading students to have "eureka" moments during class, when they suddenly understand how short rows work. Carol walks readers through four variations of the technique, explains how they apply to different stitch patterns, and offers ideas to incorporate short rows into a garment. Each lesson is demonstrated with a pattern, for a wardrobe of 20 wearable, everyday knits with feminine details.
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