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Evidence   Mona Kuhn


96 страниц. 2007 год.
Although the figures that Mona Kuhn has photographed, whether in soft focus or through milky glass, are less statuesque than those of Adam and Eve in William Blake's illustrations for Milton's Paradise Lost, they share with Blake's drawings of the first man and woman a substantiality of presence, idealized forms, and the appearance of being nearly entirely beyond corporeal need. Whether the alertly intelligent gazes of Kuhn's subjects are aimed straight at the camera or, as is more usual, diagonally to the side; upward or downward, but never directly toward each other; their apparent intensity suggests that these (nearly invariably) youthful models are neither naive nor innocent. Judging by their pensive, studiously unsmiling, but not unfriendly, faces and their resonant eyes, they are well supplied with interior lives, even if their specific feelings are inaccessible and perhaps puzzling. While their thoughts may be restless, their bodies remain gracefully still, although not wholly...
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