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Sexual Intelligence   Kim Cattrall

Sexual Intelligence

215x235 144 страниц. 2005 год.
Is it possible to develop a kind of sexual intelligence - one that can increase our pleasure and self-awareness? Kim Cattrall, who ignited a new sexual revolution with her bestselling book, "Satisfaction", returns with another highly entertaining and deeply informed book - this time exploring the sources and inspirations of sex. From the erotic street art of ancient Pompeii to the love goddess Aphrodite's birthplace on the beaches of Cyprus to the rolling hills of Dorset, England, site of the largest phallus on earth, Cattrall and her team of experts visit the historic places that have given compelling expression to human sexuality. "Sexual Intelligence" features fascinating anecdotes, candid conversations, masterworks of art, contemporary photography, and an exceptionally smart text - all woven together in a work that celebrates nature, imagination, and the sensuality of human life.
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