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Southern Living 2005 Annual Recipes (Southern Living Annual Recipes)  

Southern Living 2005 Annual Recipes (Southern Living Annual Recipes)

368 страниц. 2005 год.
Book DescriptionThis annual best-selling collection serves it up nice and tasty ?Southern style, of course. It compiles every kitchen-tested recipe, nearly 1,000 in all, from a whole year?s worth of Southern Living magazine into one heaven-sentvolume. For family-friendly meals during the week, fabulous entertaining on the weekend, and everything in between, there?s something special about Southern cooking?and you don?t have to live in the South to love it! Features: * Nearly 1,000 time-honored, kitchen-tested recipes from all 12 months of Southern Living magazine * Packed with timesaving tips and savory secrets from the experts * Step-by-step directions, easy-to-find ingredients & substitution ideas * Well-organized with photography and four convenient indexes * Bonus section with even more kitchen-tested favorites * Features the 2005 Southern Living Cook-Off Winners!
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