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The Ultimate Recipe Book: 50 Classic Dishes and the Stories Behind them   Angela Nilsen

The Ultimate Recipe Book: 50 Classic Dishes and the Stories Behind them

190x250 192 страниц. 2007 год.
BBC Books
What does it take to find the ultimate recipe? Through a combination of her own research, testing, and fine-tuning techniques, as well as consultation with distinguished chefs and writers for their insider tips and advice, Angela has come up with 50 definitive recipes, from making the perfect French omelette with Raymond Blanc to apple-pie inspiration with Gordon Ramsay. Angela gives the full background to every recipe - the testing, the discussions, and the problems she faced - and then explains exactly how to make the best-ever version by using tips, hints, and step-by-step photographs. Whether you are a novice who needs more confidence or a practiced home cook, this book will become your most trusted friend in the kitchen, enabling you to create winning classic dishes time and time again.
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