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Southern Living Secrets of the Souths Best Barbecue  

Southern Living Secrets of the Souths Best Barbecue

336 страниц. 2007 год.
Southern Living
Better stock up on napkins, because no one does barbecue like Southern Living. This definitive new edition serves up more than 580 barbecue recipes, the largest collection ever from Southern Living magazine. It also reveals closely guarded secrets about the Southern barbecue tradition, such as sweet or vinegary sauce? Beef or pork? Texas or Georgia? You'll have a great time preparing-and comparing-with this ultimate guide to 5-star barbecue. Features: 50 grilling techniques and party ideas for the ultimate barbecue. More than 130 juicy, full-color photos that simplify the grilling process. "Pit Stops" features reveal famous roadside barbecue haunts.
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