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Southern Living 2007 Annual Recipes  

Southern Living 2007 Annual Recipes

368 страниц. 2007 год.
Oxmoor House
Southern Living once again tops itself with Southern Living 2007 Annual Recipes, a must-have collectors' volume for discerning cooks everywhere. It compiles a whole year's worth of kitchen-tested recipes-over 900 in all-from Southern Living magazine, and serves them up with a side of that special Southern hospitality. From family-friendly weekday meals to fabulous weekend entertaining and everything in between, there are sure-fire hits to please even the most demanding food connoisseurs. Beautiful photography, step-by-step instructions, plus special tips and cooking secrets straight from the Southern Living test kitchens ensure that each dish will be a tasty triumph. Features - Over 900 time-honored, kitchen-tested recipes from all 12 months of Southern Living magazine - Features the 2007 Southern Living Cook-Off Winners - 4 convenient indexes, easy-to-find ingredients, simple substitutions - Recipe tags make finding favorites a breeze.
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