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Weber's Real Grilling   Jamie Purviance

Weber's Real Grilling

304 страниц. 2005 год.
Book DescriptionFor sublime outdoor cooking and entertainment, who better to turn to than the foremost authority on grills? With the experts from Weber taking you through the basics and beyond, you?ll be sizzling in no time. Over 200 recipes?each with a mouthwatering photo?are simple to follow and feature common ingredients found in the local market. You?ll also find, can?t-miss techniques, and even substitution tricks... Mark your favorites?and there?ll be plenty?with the handy enclosed page flags. And yes, once they?ve sampled the savory results of your newfound grilling skills, friends and family will be begging for your secrets. Just nod and say, "It?s all in the technique." Key Features: *One-of-a-kind grilling cookbook with over 200 original recipes, each with a color photos * Photos illustrate tips and techniques throughout * Recipes are big on flavor with easy to find ingredients * Tabbed chapters and...
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