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Pitman's Shorthand Instructor   Isaaс Pitman

Pitman's Shorthand Instructor

110x165 320 страниц.
Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, Ltd
The system of shorthand writing presented in the following pages was invented by Sir Isaac Pitman, who in 1837 published his first treatise on the art. In 1840 the second edition of his work appeared, under the title "Phonography, or Writing by Sound, being also a New and Natural System of Shorthand." In the numerous editions of Phonography published in succeeding years, many improvements were introduced. These were the fruit of long and varied stenographic experiments, and of the valuable criticism and experience of large numbers of expert writers of the system who had applied it to work of every description. No other system of shorthand designed for the English language has been subjected to tests so prolonged, so diverse, and so severe as those which Pitman's Shorthand — as the system is now generally styled — has undergone during the last seventy-six years, with the result that it has been most successfully adapted to the practical requirements of all classes of shorthand...
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