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Britain For Learners of English   James O'Driscoll

Britain For Learners of English

220x275 224 страниц. 2013 год.
Oxford University Press
This book provides all the information a student of Britain and British culture needs to know. What's it like living in Britain today? Find out about the country and its people in this new edition of Britain. All the information is completely up-to-date and illustrated with new colour photographs. Understand the attitudes and beliefs that shape Britain's character. Discover the history and cultural background to British society and institutions such as the NHS and the BBC. Find out about people's daily lives from charts, graphs, and extracts from popular fiction and newspapers. Use the questions at the end of each chapter to consider what you have read and to make comparisons with your own culture. New Workbook Pack with activities that make you consider cultural issues you have read about and test your knowledge of the content of the book.
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