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Perfect Host: 162 Recipes for Feeding People and Having Fun   Felicity Cloake

Perfect Host: 162 Recipes for Feeding People and Having Fun

195x250 320 страниц. 2013 год.
Fig Tree, Penguin Books Ltd.
Forget fish knives and boy-girl-boy-girl: modern entertaining sweeps away all the rules. These days, we're far more relaxed about inviting people round on the spur of the moment for sofa suppers and big, loud Sunday lunches, but there are still a few secrets to mastering the art of feeding people and having fun. In PERFECT HOST, Felicity Cloake ensures that you have every base covered. Whether it's having a few friends round for an impromptu after-work supper (lamb, harissa and courgette kebabs with jewelled couscous), knocking up a feast to accompany a DVD box set (pulled pork and black bean chilli, with Тех Мех slaw), packing a basket for that perfect picnic (Scandinavian picnic loaf), planning the menu for a seductive dinner (pollack en papillote with basil and tomatoes, and my last Rolo) or deciding what will wow at a raucous birthday party (chocolate and rose layer cake), PERFECT HOST is packed with 162 delicious recipes (and helpful hints) for all occasions.
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