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Orange Is the New Black Presents: The Cookbook   Jenji Kohen, Tara Hermann, Hartley Voss and Alex Regnery

Orange Is the New Black Presents: The Cookbook

2014 год.
A tie-in to the exceedingly popular Netflix series, The Orange Is the New Black Cookbook goes inside the cells, rec rooms, dining halls and of course, the infamous kitchen of the fictitious Litchfield Federal Prison. Staffed and run by a cast of wild inmates, the kitchen at Litchfield is in many ways the center of the show—a setting for camaraderie, drug smuggling, power struggles and plot twists. And then there is the food. With 100-plus stills from the show that highlight memorable moments, as well as 65 recipes and 20 sidebars that expand upon the fiction of the show, this book adds new dimensions to any fan's obsession. The recipes cover three square meals a day, plus snacks/sides, desserts and a list of “extras,” such as drinks and other inventive recipes that are out of the norm. They include Red's Chicken Kiev, Miss Claudette's Coconut Cake, Pennsatucky's Family Beer Can Bird, Prison Punch and much more. The sidebars will include shots of important sets that will be diagrammed...
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