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Elementary Chinese Listening: Level 1 + MP3   Mingqi Li, Yan Wang

Elementary Chinese Listening: Level 1 + MP3

210x290 204 страниц. 2013 год.
Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Listening to Chinese is a set of textbooks compiled for adult Chinese language students to improve their listening skills. Based on the first edition, it has replaced the outdated language data and added after-class exercises referring to the outline of the new HSK. This series is divided into three levels, elementary, intermediate and advanced, for students having learned 600-5000 Chinese words to choose the right levels according to their Chinese proficiency. This is Book 1 of the elementary level. It has altogether 16 lessons in four units. Each unit is composed of four lessons and followed by a unit test. Besides the lessons teaching pronunciation, each lesson includes the "intensive listening part"(including words, texts and warm-up exercises for the new HSK) and the "extensive listening part" (can be used as the selective or supportive teaching materials). Each lesson is usually finished within 4-6 class hours. The texts in this book are close to reality, covering a wide range...
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