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Collins Easy Learning English Study Dictionary with Thesaurus  

Collins Easy Learning English Study Dictionary with Thesaurus

125x195 1024 страниц. 2007 год.
HarperCollins Publishers
Developed in association with teachers, the fantastic new Collins Easy Learning Study Dictionary takes a completely new approach to language learning for Junior Secondary students with the innovative addition of an embedded thesaurus. This dictionary has been developed to ensure that the dictionary entries are presented in the most clear, easy-to-use way possible. With full sentence definitions, and examples to show context for every thesaurus synonym, this title combines the best features from Collins' critically-acclaimed School Dictionary and School Thesaurus. Thesaurus entries appear at their dictionary definition, highlighted in blue, making alternative words easier to find than ever before. Word webs, a unique treatment for the most frequently used words in English, really help users get to grips with how the words work.
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