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Bill Gibb: Fashion and Fantasy   Iain R. Webb

Bill Gibb: Fashion and Fantasy

144 страниц. 2008 год.
V&A Publications
This stunning book explores the work of a prolific and, at his best, truly visionary designer: his background and the enduring themes that inspired his designs. Gibb's fashion philosophy is revealed through the words of the designer, its effect on the fashion world seen through the eyes of those who knew him: industry professionals, family and friends. Gibb was a free spirit, an intuitive designer who broke the rules, not only in terms of design but also concepts and attitudes. Ahead of his time, he was aware of the value of celebrity endorsement and dressed rock stars, actresses and film stars from Rod Stewart to Bianca Jagger and Elizabeth Taylor. It sets up a dialogue between the fashion industry of the 1970s and the fashion world of today. Much of Gibb's output verged on couture. "I strove for the top and achieved it within ten years", he once said. Illustrated with his detailed drawings, intimate reportage-style snapshots, previously unseen catwalk images and fashion plates...
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