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The Real Biz: Upper Intermediate: Interactive DVD  

The Real Biz: Upper Intermediate: Interactive DVD

2011 год.
Pearson Education Limited
THE REAL BIZ follows Anna, Mark, Emma and Tim as they try to win an exciting competition run by a local businessman, Simon Powell, to come up with the best idea for a new business for young people. Working in two teams, it's a chance for them to be creative, do market research and prepare a dynamic presentation, as they compete against each other for the prize. THE REAL BIZ: UPPER INTERMEDIATE: INTERACTIVE DVD is ideal for students using REAL LIFE: UPPER INTERMEDIATE: STUDENTS' BOOK. The functional language from the book comes alive in authentic contexts and real life situations. Special features of this DVD: - Interactive exercises - use your TV remote control or the arrows on your computer. - Simple episode selection with easy-to-use menus. - Subtitles option. REAL LIFE: TEACHER'S RESOURCES on the ACTIVE TEACH (ISBN 9781405897457) and the website have worksheets for each episode of this DVD and extensive teacher's notes with lots of ideas for...
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