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Italian Kitchen   Anna Del Conte

Italian Kitchen

200x250 272 страниц. 2012 год.
Square Peg
Italian Kitchen is a classic Italian cookbook and an essential for any modern household. With four chapters - Antipasti, Pasta, Risottos and Dolci - Italian Kitchen is a bible for the fundamentals of Italian cooking. There are simple starters like Bruschetta with Tomato; timeless pasta sauces like Pesto; distinctive risottos; and delectable puddings like Chocolate and Pear Cake. Anna Del Conte is the grande dame of Italian cooking. After moving to England from Milan, she wrote her first book, Portrait of Pasta, in 1975. She was the first cookery writer in England to specialise in Italian cooking and she inspired today's generation of chefs. Italian Kitchen resonates with Anna's flair and expertise. Her lively style is punctuated by descriptions of regional dishes, a guide to really understanding pasta, Italian gastronomic traditions, and much more. First published as four separate volumes, these recipes have here been brought together into a single edition with...
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