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Talking about Chinese Culture: Volume 2 (+ CD)   Wu Xiaolu, Cheng Zhaohui

Talking about Chinese Culture: Volume 2 (+ CD)

180x260 264 страниц. 2009 год.
Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Volume II of Talking about Chinese Culture has all-total 10 lessons. In coherence with Volume I, it introduces the taboo topics, gestures and body language in communication with Chinese, the concept of conformity and family, the merit of respecting the old, and some characteristics of Chinese people such as forbearing, good balancing and coordination, etc, as well as the change of contemporary society and the fast-pace life. A variety of language exercises provide trainings for acquiring Chinese words, grammar, sentences , expressing in monologue, and discussions with given cultural topics. All of these help the Chinese language learners consolidate what they've learned, train their speaking abilities, and at the same time help the learners gain initial understanding of Chinese customs and cultural essence. A free recording MP3 is attached.
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