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Mastering Statistics   Tim Hannagan

Mastering Statistics

Palgrave Master Series
256 страниц. 1997 год.
Palgrave Macmillan
This highly successful book, now in its third edition, covers all the essential information you need to learn in order to master statistics. Complete, readable, clearly explained, this book is designed for you and requires no previous knowledge. Helps you to succeed on your course - packed with illustrations, examples and assignments to reinforce learning and understanding. This edition has been fully revised in order to, match examination and course developments and in order to provide clear calculations and diagrams and accessible explanations. Up-to-date sections on all aspects of statistics including developed sections on probability, vital statistics, market research, experiments and scaling. Includes a section on how to pass statistics examinations. Tim Hannagan has considerable experience as an examiner and lecturer in further and higher education as well as many years' experience of management, including over...
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