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Introduction to Hebrew   Moshe Greenberg

Introduction to Hebrew

145x220 238 страниц. 1965 год.
Prentice Hall
I am happy to acknowledge the generous attention of the following persons whose comment and criticism have done much to lessen the imperfections of this work. Dr. Haim Blanc went over an earlier draft of the grammar with me; the benefit of his comments to that draft continues into the present revision. My father, Dr. Simon Greenberg, criticized the work from a pedagogic viewpoint; whatever merit it possesses on that count derives largely from his criticism. The Hebrew parts underwent the careful scrutiny of Dr. Svi Rin. Drs. D. N. Freedman and E. A. Speiser were good enough to review the philological material and supply many helpful observations. I am indebted to the Department of Oriental Studies of the University of Pennsylvania and its chairman, Dr. Speiser, for having enabled me to publish and teach from successive drafts of the work and thus to accumulate precious classroom experience that I trust has accrued to...
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