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Complete Redneck Dictionary   Jeff Foxworthy

Complete Redneck Dictionary

145x220 384 страниц. 2008 год.
There's no such thing as too much redneck. And it's easy to understand why. A veritable gumbo of indigenous ingenuity, this deliciously distinct dialect rolls off the tongue like drool in the presence of a barbecue sandwich. Now, just in time for no time in particular, Jeff Foxworthy's three bestsellers are rolled into one hilarious redneck reference. This practical, portable A-to-Z crash course will have you laughing and learning your way to flawless Southern slang. Say after me: bay'ou (bi-u), v. and n. to purchase for another. "Ijust walked right up to her and said, Hey darlin', lemme bayou a drink.'" doo'dle (dud'-el), n. and v. a male person and his predicted actions. "Don't even look at him, 'cuz that doodle kill you." toretoise (tort '-as), v. andn. to have imparted knowledge or wisdom to a group. "That stupid teacher never tortoise nothin'." Whether you're a newbie looking to connect with your inner redneck or a seasoned pro hoping to sharpen...
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