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The Ice Diet   Peta Bee

The Ice Diet

130x200 256 страниц. 2015 год.
Penguin Books Ltd.
Super-Charge your Body's Calorie-Burning Powers to Change the way You Look and Feel Forever. Based on Cutting-Edge Scientific Research, The Ice Diet Reveals Natural Ways to beat Weight Gain by Firing up Your Body's Metabolism to Fight Flab. Health and Diet Expert Peta Bee has Devised a Unique Six-Week Plan in three Easy-to-Follow Stages that Focus on Your Diet, Fitness and Lifestyle. It's the Secret Hollywood Celebrities have Known for Some Time - Cool Temperatures in Your Diet and Lifestyle Unleash Your Body's Fat-Fighting Ability to give You the Body Nature Always Intended You to have. Understand the Difference Between good and bad Body fat Eat Supercool Foods Discover how Spices can Accelerate Slimming Transform your Exercise Routine to Maximize Weight Loss Peta's Delicious Meal Plans will Excite Your Taste Buds and Fuel Your Body to burn Excess Calories. The Ice Diet is the Ultimate Fast-track to Weight Loss, Providing Dramatic and Life-Changing Results.
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