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The American Heritage Thesaurus  

The American Heritage Thesaurus

105x175 720 страниц. 2007 год.
Bantam Dell
From the editors of America's favorite dictionary comes the definitive reference for meeting today's challenging communication demands. Remarkably easy to use and completely up-to-date, "The American Heritage Thesaurus" is an essential resource for finding the perfect word, enhancing your mastery of the English language, and expressing yourself with precision and efficiency. No other thesaurus on the market today offers a more superlative selection of synonyms, concise definitions, easy-to-follow cross-references, and depth of meaning for the modern-day user. More than 20000 main entries and 150000 synonyms; A-to-Z dictionary format that eliminates lengthy index and appendix; Comprehensive list of synonyms grouped by clear definitions - avoids the confusing; hodgepodge of obscure and distantly related terms; Cross-references among closely related entries to insure precision; Thousands of completely updated slang and informal terms; ...
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