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The Penguin Business Dictionary   Michael Greener

The Penguin Business Dictionary

Penguin Reference Books
125x195 496 страниц. 1994 год.
Penguin Books Ltd.
A new edition of this compact guide to the contemporary world of business and finance. This dictionary's aim is twofold: to provide a key to the rules and regulations adopted in the market place, be it in the City of London, the local shopping precinct or country auction room; and to give clear, accurate definitions of the often complex language and jargon used in business and financial practice. Do you know what is meant by 'buffer stock' and 'zero bonds'? What happens when 'poison-pill tactics' are triggered? Are you baffled by 'kites', 'lame ducks' and 'kangaroos'? If so, then this is the book to turn to. This invaluable reference work has been fully updated to embrace not only changes wrought by the 1986 Financial Services Act but also the increasing relevance of rules and requirements introduced by the European Community. Tax-payers, investors and students of business studies, accountancy and related areas will all find it an indispensable handbook, while...
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