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Standart Catalog of World Paper Money  

Standart Catalog of World Paper Money

210x275 1296 страниц. 2013 год.
Krause Publications
The world leader in specialized paper money! With the invaluable input from more than 50 international contributors, the "Standard Catalog of World Paper" Money, Specialized Issues, is the largest and most comprehensive catalog featuring world bank notes of a specialized nature-notes issued by states, municipalities and private companies in addition to nationally issued Foreign Exchange Certificates and military-use currency. You'll find: 27,500 note varieties listed and priced in up to three grades of condition. Nearly 12,000 illustrations making identification of notes easy. Charts for grading terminology, international numerals, dating and overprints. The new twelfth edition includes complete listings for China's foreign, military and early Communist era banks; Central and South American provincial, private and commercial banks; commercial bank of the German States, Swiss Cantons and France, as well as issues of the Mexican Revolution era and much more.
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