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Hats!   Sarah Cant


210x260 128 страниц. 2010 год.
A&C Black
Discover how to create personalised headwear by blocking hats and headpieces then finishing them with gorgeous, handmade trimmings. You'll find detailed instructions on preparing feather bundles, making fabric flowers and adding beaded and stitched embellishments to your designs. Sarah Cant creates millinery and mixed media textiles from her studio in Oxford. She trained in millinery at the Kensington & Chelsea College, where she now teaches. She has shown her work at Origin, the Chelsea Craft Fair and London Fashion Week. Hats! is a comprehensive and practical guide to the art of making innovative hats and headpieces using traditional techniques. Milliner and textile artist Sarah Cant demonstrates in step-by-step detail how to block classic shapes, such as a cloche or trilby, in felt, straw and fabric. Whether you are a newcomer to hat making or an experienced milliner, this is a book that you will return to time and again.
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