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Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks: Calm, Neutral Collection   Susan Briscoe

Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks: Calm, Neutral Collection

222x222 128 страниц. 2012 год.
A&C Black
Discover how to make and combine quilt blocks in the calm neutral palette and modern country style beloved of Japanese quilters. Known worldwide as Japanese taupe, these quilts are recognizable by the use of traditional blocks combined with contemporary woven textiles and sophisticated prints. choose from 125 patchwork and applique blocks, reinterpreted in Japanese taupe fabrics, including geometric, curved, pictorial and family crest designs; combine different fabrics and prints to create the overall look and distinctive style that typifies taupe quilts. All the techniques you need to make the blocks are explained step by step; mix and match the blocks to design your own beautiful quilts. Examples of block combinations are provided, plus instructions for six small projects - a cushion, table runner, wallhanging, lap quilt and two bags.
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