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Remake It: Clothes   Henrietta Thompson, Neal Whittington

Remake It: Clothes

175x215 272 страниц. 2012 год.
Thames and Hudson Limited
An encyclopedia of life skills, smart ideas, and great design, "Remake It: Clothes" blends inspiration, entertainment, and hands-on advice in equal measure. It incorporates a wealth of almost-forgotten skills, step-by-step projects to create new clothes from old, and accessories from found materials - plus examples from celebrated international designers - to show what can be created with a "Remake It" philosophy. There are introductory essays on the history and context of recycling clothes in the fashion industry, as well as tips on vintage clothing, storage, and caring for your clothes. Featuring more than 500 illustrations - 250 of which have been specially commissioned - the book draws together global trends, traditional practices, and modern innovations to make a harmonious, life-enriching guide. 500+ illustrations in color and black and white.
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