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The Lazy Hostess   Babe Scott

The Lazy Hostess

160x210 256 страниц. 2013 год.
Bantam Press
Help is finally at hand for the domestically challenged in the form of Babe Scott - aka The Lazy Hostess. Babe is the queen of entertaining and will show you how you too can host like a pro without going into bankruptcy or risking a broken nail. If your kitchen is growing cobwebs, chances are your social life is too. Allow Babe to show you how to be a kitchen vixen and wow the crowd with your new-found hostessing skills. Within the pages of this delightful book, Babe lays out on a platter everything you need to know in order to throw the perfect party. From deciding upon your "signature sip" cocktail for the evening, to recipes for devilishly easy hors d'oeuvres. From choosing a killer outfit to selecting your perfect party playlist. She even shows you how to get rid of those lingering guests once the party's over. In fact, the only thing this book doesn't do is the washing up! This is the must-have survival guide for the contemporary woman who loves to entertain but hates...
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