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  Amy Butler, photographs by David Butler

Amy Butler's Midwest Modern

224 страниц. 2007 год.
Attention, design and style mavens! There's a lot more to America than just the east and west coasts. Today, innovative American design—in clothing, home decor, even gardening—is emerging from the Midwest. So lay your bicoastal biases aside and let Amy Butler show you what's happening in the heartland. Helping her fans jumpstart their creative spark is Butler's fashion credo and her approach has won her a huge following. Her “Mid Mod” philosophy—neither homespun nor haute couture—is as up to the minute as it is firmly rooted in Midwest tradition. Emphasising simplicity and integrity of craft, Butler is passionate about recycling materials, reinventing vintage looks and taking joy in the homemade. Her approach—drawing its inspiration from the natural world and the lives of real people—is organic in every sense of the word. Amy Butler's Midwest Modern brings the many aspects of its author's vision into focus, from re-imagining the home as a retreat for relaxation and dreaming, to...
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