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Sonic the Hedgehog Archives: Volume 15   Sonic Scribes

Sonic the Hedgehog Archives: Volume 15

112 страниц. 2011 год.
Archie Comics
Now you can catch all of the high-speed action and adventure in volume 15 of the SONIC ARCHIVES graphic novel series. Featuring digitally re-mastered art and all-new special features, this next exciting installment collects SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #55-58. It's a time of hope for the planet Mobius following the defeat of the evil Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. The vile villain may be defeated, but that doesn't mean life is easy for Sonic the Hedgehog! First off, it's adventure and mystery galore as Sonic has his first encounter with the cyborg simian Monkey Khan! Next, Knuckles joins the scene to help fight the god-like Master Mogul and the tragic (but treacherous) High Sheriff of Mercia! And you simply cannot miss the beginning of the epic "World Tour" saga as Sonic and Tails take off to find the wicked wizard Ixis Naugus! Don't get left in the dust! Sonic Archives 15 is full of first appearances and major turning points for hero and villain...
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