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Structure of Indirect Taxation in India   Indu Upadhyay

Structure of Indirect Taxation in India

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Value added tax has also continued to be the most important source of revenue in the States tax system, including that of Uttar Pradesh. It needs no emphasis that there are many indirect taxes in the States tax system which are not giving any kind of tax credit to the traders, this leads to increasing cost of production for the producers, distributors and consumer on the tax payers. Therefore, it is wisely suggested that indirect taxes on goods and services are to be merged into goods and service tax (GST). The present study, therefore has been under taken with a view to make a detailed examination of the structure of value added tax, its administration and buoyancy in Uttar Pradesh and where ever necessary comparison has also been made with other States.
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