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The Effect of Guanxi on the Foreign Market Entry Process into China   Tao Yang

The Effect of Guanxi on the Foreign Market Entry Process into China

184 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Business network theory believes that foreign market entry of a firm is the result of the interactions between the actors of the firm and the network. When entering into China, the Western firms have to face some new network conditions that derive from its socio-cultural environment. This study aims to test one of the cultural specialties, guanxi''s effect on the foreign market entry process of the Western firms into China. Using data collected from Swedish firms established in China, the study finds that under the influence of guanxi, the market entry process of Western firms into China appear to show some different features compared with that into Western country markets. It takes more time to become established in China, more social activities and more non-business actors are involved in the process. These social activities within business circles are shown to contribute to the longer establishment time for Western firms operating in China. The findings suggest...
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