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A Study on Job Stress at New India Assurance Company Limited   Aysha Begum. A.J and Shahnaz Sultana

A Study on Job Stress at New India Assurance Company Limited

252 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the modern times, stress has become a buzz word and legitimate concern for sample of members of all walks of life. In fact, no one is immune to stress. Stress has been much and widely talked about phenomenon in corporate world because it is a costly business expense that affects both employee health and corporate profits. The term 'work related stress' has been taken has the problem of study because corporate India is finally walking up to the fact that a lot of human potential is being drained away because of stress and burnout. In this lies the need for and importance of preventing and managing stress. The efficiency of employees depends, to a great extent, on the environment in which they work. Work environment consists of all the factors which act and react on the body and mind of an employee. Under industrial psychology the Physical, mental and social conditions in which sample of members work are analyzed to suggest improvement in them.The primary aim is to create a stress...
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