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Deprivation of Gender Related Development Index (GDI) in India   Pagadala Geetha Kumari

Deprivation of Gender Related Development Index (GDI) in India

228 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Women and their status in any society is an index of its civilization. Women are considered as equal partners in the paradigm process of development. Women are out and out disadvantaged compared to men and face all manners of cultural, social, legal and economic obstacles that men most often do not face at all. The gender inequalities are not the outcome of the lack of women’s integration in the development of their skill, credit and resources. The root cause of this problem lies in the social structures, institutions, values and beliefs which create and perpetuate the women’s subordination. Women constitute half of the humanity and are endowed with aptitude capabilities and capabilities for contribution of progress and development of humanity on par with men. They can be immense instruments in the development of human resources than men. They not only can enter any profession profusely and economic activity enormously but also remain as mothers and caretakers of potential human...
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