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Parliamentary Supremacy vs. Judicial Supremacy in India   Bonus Reddy Palipati

Parliamentary Supremacy vs. Judicial Supremacy in India

276 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Both parliament and the judiciary should not exceed their limits as defined by the constitution of India so that harmony can be maintained between the legislature and judiciary. ? The new socio-economic trends are to be kept in mind before making the legal provisions and their interpretation both in strict and liberal sense. ? Participatory democratic system must be made effective and there must be proper check on the active interaction between the people and their representatives is responsible for the conflict between the parliament and judicial system in India. ? Judiciary and the legislature must be strengthened in terms of its special power of judicial review to check and contain the excesses of other two wings of the government.The concept of Judicial Review should not be impaired nor should the Fundamental Rights be reduced in their importance. A provision may be introduced in the Constitution on the lines of the American Constitution, giving supremacy to the...
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