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Cases of Environemntal Problems in India   Amar Dhere and Janardan Pawar

Cases of Environemntal Problems in India

192 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The environmental challenges are not unique in nature and its changing region wise. So many environmental crises are perceived and get on our day-to-day’s life. Many of us are not take complete attention to listen and believe these problems. From the beginning of 2001 we listens discussion on global warming and climate change. Media taking prime role to give information on rise in temperature, melting ice caps, rise in sea level, natural catastrophe and so on. Some times we feel media not get pure and scientific information and this creates dilemma in society. Also there are not only one environmental challenge deterring us but there are so many others which rapidly taking step to destroy this natural beauty. This has been requiring addressing somewhere. Though we feel that, to conduct small and multi-variant executions on environment. In this book eleven chapters reveals the cases of environmental problems in Indian society. These cases gives a interesting information of India. ...
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