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Income and Employment Structure of Rural India   Kuntal Chakrabartty

Income and Employment Structure of Rural India

196 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book entitled “INCOME AND EMPLOYMENT STRUCTURE OF RURAL INDIA” is a field study which starts with the existing pattern of employment of rural India especially one of the most agriculture dominated district( South 24 Parganas) of West Bengal, India. Scope of Agricultural activity has become limited due to uncertain character of monsoon and lack of irrigation facility in the off monsoon period. As a result the labour force has been migrating to Rural Non- Farm sector.I find that this sector is very dynamic and the pattern of Income and Employment has been changing with the changing pattern of technology and market opportunities. Rural Non-farm sector has the potentiality to give employment opportunity of the rural labour force. A continuous effort from government is required to develop their skill and knowledge inorder to cope with the situation. Micro finance facility is the another requirement for sustainable employment opportunity of Rural Non-farm labour force in India.
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