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Inflation and Long Run Growth in BRICS, Threshold Inflation in India   Jaganath Behera

Inflation and Long Run Growth in BRICS, Threshold Inflation in India

168 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
High and sustained economic growth with low inflation is the key objective of macroeconomic stabilization of any nation. In the recent times inflation is one of the most researched topics because it holds serious implications for economic growth and income distribution. The effects of high inflation create different kind of negative externality directly or indirectly, for the proper functioning of an economy. However, the factors that determine the inflation rates have been widely debated of the global level. Keeping this in mind, this book provides a comprehensive idea about the inflation growth relationship in the context of BRICS countries and threshold level inflation in India. This book is highly useful for the students of economics to understand the inflationary issues, theories, policies and measurement of inflation. This book is essentially helpful for the research scholars, academicians, professionals and policy makers.
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