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Amsterdam Response for Emerging Indian Outbound Travel Market   Varoon Nasa

Amsterdam Response for Emerging Indian Outbound Travel Market

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the past few years, the Asian wave of tourism has been evident in the industry. India and China are leading the way for a change in Host-Guest relations where the first world city is playing host to the tourist from a developing country. This book focuses on the response of the Amsterdam supply side for Indian tourist as how ready is the city to cater to the need of a new source market, India. A collective response was conceptualized with the help of an Extended Resistance Continuum which has been developed with the help of Resistance continuum originally proposed by Dogan (1989). Insights were gained through in-depth interviews, observational skills and mystery shopping performed among representatives in all major travel trade sectors such as transportation, accommodation and retail. The supply side as the host of a destination is an interesting prospective as the tourist has the maximum interaction with the travel trade partners in the city. This study would be...
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