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Impact of Price Movements on Hectareage of Oilseed Crops in India   Nambakam Venkata Ravi

Impact of Price Movements on Hectareage of Oilseed Crops in India

180 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
India is one of the four major countries in the world producing, exporting and importing oilseeds. Indian vegetable oil economy is the fourth largest in the world, next to the US, China and Brazil, accounting for about 14 per cent of the world’s oilseeds area and 8.5 per cent of the world’s Oilseeds production. India holds premier position in the world in terms of area and production and ranks first in the world in production of castor and safflower and it is second largest producer of groundnut and sesame and ranks third in linseed and rapeseeds, fifth and ninth in soyabean and sunflower respectively.In a country like India, the prices of agricultural commodities play an important role in the price structure of the country. The agricultural prices frequent fluctuate for various reasons. This book provides the importance of Oilseed crops in Indian economy and its significance on cultivation of production, profitability and farm business income of farmers at various farm levels...
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