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Indian Economy: Development Prospects   Ombir Singh

Indian Economy: Development Prospects

104 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Indian Economy: Development Prospects provides acomprehensive survey of those development planningmodels that have served as the theoretical basis toIndia’s successive five year plans. By doing so theauthor has illustrated the progress made by thedevelopment economics over the period coveredespecially by the aspects relevant to India. Theauthor address the following question;• How rapidly is the Indian economy (and its threesectors- agriculture, manufacturing and servicesector) growing?• How sustainable is our growth performance?• What are the prospects of Indian economy and itsextrapolation to the year 2050?• How important is the business environment formanufacturing industry.The tries to suggest various ways and means forenhancing the competitiveness of Indian Economy andits sub-sectors which have potential for globalcompetitiveness; current strength and constraints ofidentified sectors; and recommend sectors specificpolicy initiatives as may be required for augmentingthe growth...
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